woensdag 27 juli 2011

While I was enjoying the weather outdoors...

......... I added a nice face to this limestone rock at Twistleton scar. All made out of natural materials, so it won't be there for long. It's quite small, about five by five centimeters.

maandag 25 juli 2011

Igor Ivor

I finished a new sheep skull. It is called Igor Ivor. This was a male sheep, a ram, and apparently the saw af the horns of rams. Thinking about it as if this could be the precious ivor.... As the story goes, Igor got his precious horns sawn off and needed some plastic surgery to feel confident again. So he wanted a third eye made out of ivor. Artificial ivor in this case and a biljart ball to be precise. I am wondering what would happen with all the unnatural stuff that a lot of women put in their bodies when they die and get buried. Well, in Igor's case; it's still there. Nature couldn't deal with it.

vrijdag 22 juli 2011

WIP: new base sculpture

I have started a new base sculpture, something I can use like the Cungo, but a bit more abstract to have a lot of freedom in customizing it. It will consist of three seperate pieces that can be connected in slighty different ways. See pictures.

I am also working on some new skulls:

woensdag 20 juli 2011

Facebook page

......and on the 8th day the Dr. created a Facebook page.

Yeah, so for those who want to have a more convenient way to follow the birth of this weirdness.... click 'like' on my blog or website and you should be able to follow the stream on my Facebook page. This is fa better than regularly visiting my blog or website to few new stuff. I'll just post it on my Facebook page and you'll get in yours.

maandag 18 juli 2011

Weekend Manchester II

I planned to take my little fellows back out of the country and into the city. The weather wasn't really nice to make good pictures and at the end of the weekend I swapped the fish for some more wetness; a small bottle of Lourdes water. The swapping was part of an art exhibition called 'Eleven rooms' in Manchester Art Gallery. I'll probably mix this water with the acrylics I use for painting. Now to think of a devine sculpture that goes with it... but for now, goodbye to Fish, I'll mis your smell!

zondag 17 juli 2011

Weekend Manchester

Just got back from a weekend in Manchester. Checking out the street art and other contemporary art. Saw some really funny work from Grayson Perry. First time I saw something of him and I am a fan already! One picture was absolutely brilliant! He painted a picture, sort of landscape scenery which could have been an ancient battle 300 years ago, with very fine pen lines. But when you came closer he displayed a lot of common groups or types of people. Examples: Kapitalists, Northeners, working class, etc. Absolutely hilarious! See pictures.

Further, I saw some very interesting work of Stephen Farley in Artzu Gallery. Pictures of his work doesn't do it any good. Seeing it in real life makes his work much more interesting, because he works with resin to make his paintings. The depth of these paintings are lost when making pictures.

And saw some street art, while walking ....

vrijdag 15 juli 2011

WIP: skulls

Some work in progress. All represent a different way in which I create a sculpture. In order of the pictures:

1 Sometimes the idea is complete and I just have to make it.

2 The idea is roughly there and develops during the sculpting.

3 The sculpture is a complete idea but the execution develops during the sculpting.

woensdag 13 juli 2011

Egbert.egd expo

I visited an expo of Egbert last weekend. Very nice work which you can see in Deventer in his own shop http://www.egbertegd.nl/ or in an exhibition at Filmhuis de Keizer in Deventer.

I personally like the colours he uses and the small details accociated with the celebrities he paints.