woensdag 29 juli 2015

'It's the economy stupid!'

The famous words from Bill Clinton 'It's the economy stupid', are subconsciously banging on my artistic brain and now it hammered through into my consciousness. Everybody knows they need to eat and therefor buy food and luckily I was able to, but where does making sculptures take me 10 years from now? Am I still able to afford doing this? I would really love to, because I love making these weird things and I love all the positive vibes I get from the general public! But as long as I can't eat positive air, I need to find a way to improve my income. I do sell and think I do quite well considering how I have started and the lack of an art network, but it isn't near a living wage. So I will take some time to plan how I financially can keep this going, because I still believe there is life in what I make, it is just so hard to get my art across.

Many people suggest solutions like internet, finding famous and/or rich people etc. But that is easy to say but hard to implement and so far it hasn't worked to earn as a normal professional. It seems I do sell when people meet me and see my art away from the screen and the comments I get are always good, often where people don't have to be positive. I am pretty sure it isn't politeness to say so, I think I genuinely have made good artworks that potentially could be very popular, but….

And before you think I am too much on the money, well making this a success also means reaching my main goal is to show my art to the world. These two just go parallel!

So I need to buy myself some time to be able to spot and get the chances I need to make this a success. So the next 12 months will be quiet, I will focus mainly on commissions and small sculptures if I do a fair…..and off course finish the epic Transformer.

Stay tuned, I keep creating and you help me in a great way to spread the word about my art!