zondag 15 juni 2014

Robots - Mechanical parts

I think many of you have already seen quite a lot of robotics entering my sculptures and it started with my Cungo character. Somehow during the creation of that character I kept the very tight lines and angles and thought it would look cool, after that I kept the need to sometimes have a more angular approach, but also deliberately made a robot like this sculpture based on Ratchet and Cliffjumper of the first Transformers cartoon of the 80's:

Then I started mixing more bones, which I was starting to use after good use of some skulls, in my sculptures but used them in a more mechanical way and that seemed to be the right balance. Bones are basically mechanical and not that different than bike parts in a way, so when I combined them with bike parts it made a lot of sense:

After this sculpture, 'Ronny Ravage', I started wondering why I actually like robots, mechanical parts, bones etc. I think robots express a lot of power by being very rational, calculating, clear and efficient. An expression of power and control perhaps. I don't consider myself a 100% rational control freak, but I do like things clear, efficient and eventually tidy. 
Somehow the combination of bones and bike parts is the closest I have come to make something 'grim' or dark, because I generally use bright colours, more humour, more joy and these go more in the direction of 'cool'. At the moment I am finishing another bone and bike part sculpture and then I'll go back to perhaps making another skull. Check my fanpage on FB (https://www.facebook.com/Dr.Freakinstyle) for when I have finished that new sculpture!