donderdag 16 februari 2012

The explorer

Dr Freakinstyle sales
over the economy of scales
looking for land
where his freaks take a stand
drowned morals and ethics
still alive are those that meet the economical mathmetics
rules don't age like wine
a sea of vinegar over time

from dusk till dawn
mutated sheep are spawn
they won't be put on mute
keeping the ship en route

...oh, so I really should make them speak:

maandag 6 februari 2012

Update in busy times

With the Threshold Festival in Liverpool almost to be kicked of, I am still busy with other work and narrowing down what my work is about to create an installation or bigger pieces. Two of my sculptures will actually be on display in Eggspace and the Camp and Furnace during this festival. The one hanging in Eggspace is a new experiment of which I'll use some bits more in the future. I have been busy collecting rubbish to have the right colours and shapes for some small sculptures with sheep bones, the familiar stuff, but also to make a few much bigger ones this spring.

So not much sculpting an pictures, but they will come .... if you build it they will come!