maandag 29 augustus 2011

Trying out new stuff: fabric

Yes, I have been persuaded to paint some canvasses. I have messed about with two very small ones, picture size ones. Shortly I will try and paint on a slightly bigger canvas. This gave me the right surface to experiment with paint styles to use on my sculptures. One of my finished sculptures has already a similar paint style; a Dutch ceramics paint style mixed with comic book symbols painted mostly in blue and white.

I am also working on some designs for T-shirts. On the right, a bit below, on this site you can find a link to my shirtcity shop. The prices are without profit for me, so they are the cheapest I can make them to be. Shirtcity still has to approve some designs.

donderdag 25 augustus 2011

Nature doing its thing; not for the squeamish!

I thought it would be a good thing to show the process behind the skulls... I mean the stuff about death. It does fascinate me. I just have to stop to see that dead animal and look a bit closer. I happen to know some dead sheep that are in de process of getting clean and white. A cheer for all those small insects and microorganisms!

So today, during a run up and down a hill, I have taken some pictures and collected 1.5 skull.

dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

Eyespresso Comic

This week I finished a new Eyespresso, called; Eyespresso Comic. I wanted to create a comic book hero by painting the process of espresso making on the sculpture. The sculpture is now the comic book hero AND the comic book.

On the back of the sculpture I have painted coffee beans that are being roasted, going into hot boiling water, steam and ..... you know what.

I will be experimenting with this style and the Dutch ceramics paint style the coming month and I think it will look great! I have started painting a skull in the Dutch ceramics paint style which will be the first step to it.

vrijdag 19 augustus 2011

Work this week

Because I just can't finish a new Eyespresso to show you all, I have to stick with some work in progress pictures.

I am working on two very different sheep skulls and two moulds. The first sheep skull is something a bit the same as the blue white and silver skull made months ago, but this one will have a more playful paintstyle based on the Dutch ceramics paintstyle. The other skull is different from any other, because I added very different objects to make it really weird.

Further, I am working on two moulds. One is the new base I have sculpted which you will see more often at the end of the year. The other mould is that of a GoGo fossil. After the first GoGo fossil I made, I decided to make another one and clone it. Hope it works, because the clone will be very thin and the master is likely to brake when getting it out of the mould.

dinsdag 16 augustus 2011

Some random fun!

What would you do?

Paintstyle and finishing

Last week I have been busy finishing sculptures which were laying around for some time. I still have two sheep skulls lined up and some experimenting with sheep vertebrates. A few more pictures on my Facebook page.

The first picture is of a shell fossil and the second, but harder to see in this picture, is a shell fossil where this character pulls out it's right arm.

I have also been busy experimenting with paintstyles, I think I have come up with some interesting ones. I will use one on an Eyespresso.

vrijdag 12 augustus 2011

zaterdag 6 augustus 2011

No precision bombing

I went outdoors yesterday and brought some of my skulptures. Some of those pictures kan be seen on my fanpage and for nog I'll share this one:

I have got this non-precision bombing skulpture made from a vertabrate. It resembles the non discriminating way bombs can work although often presented otherwise. Yesterday I found a sign which goes with it perfectly...

donderdag 4 augustus 2011

GoGo becomes reality!

Some already have seen these pictures, but I'll post it over here and explain the sculptures. The first is a GoGo fossil and the second is a GoGo skull made out of a real sheep skull.

My aim is to make sculptures with which I can prove that My GoGo creation is real and has been living among us for a long time. When people get the same message over and over again, they start to believe it. For example; the economical fa├žade we have been living in the past 10 years was just a big balloon.
But off course I want to prove the existence of the GoGo through sculptures. Perhaps I’ll do the same thing for other characters or ideas.