woensdag 3 oktober 2012

Art and exhibition update

It has been I while since I wrote something about where I am at, what I have planned and how my art is developing! Mainly because I have some 'normal' work and that has been quite intense. But I have managed to organise an exhibition by myself with two other artists at Fallout Factory in Liverpool. My work was well received and it is always good to hear which works were preferred over other works of mine.

I have been mainly focussing on 2D sculptures for on gallery walls because of this exhibition, but I have also been working on developing something really new; bigger standing sculptures with a more abstract style while keeping the freaky and funny side of my work. One of my last finished 2D sculptures is part of the trigger and is called: 'The light at the end of the tunnel is a freight truck coming your way'.

Lots of positive comments on this artwork!

The coming weeks I need to start making Christmas decorations for the fairs I am doing. I will mainly bring my smaller works and some examples of my bigger artwork like skulls, standing sculptures and perhaps one of the 2D sculptures.