donderdag 23 januari 2014

Sculptures vs paintings

I have recently been jumping around from sculpture to drawing/painting and back to use drawings to develop my ideas for new sculptures. I keep thinking about which is the most interesting medium to create things in and I think this just depends. In my case I just have a preference for sculptures in general, but it is always very tempting to create 2 dimensional artwork. For me it feels like making sculptures is the real thing and 2 dimensional artwork is recording the 3-dimensional artwork. Just like paintings were made to show what happened, what someone looked like (portrait), etc. Or photos to record important moments in our lives.

Even abstract paintings are a 'recorded' expression of something that exists, but nobody has every seen it in that way.

Off course it is easy to argue about the right paintings have in the art world and that it is just as real as sculptures, but for me it feels different. Nevertheless, I will keep making both because some things just work better on paper or canvas.
There is a benefit on having 2-dimensional 'recording' media; it is easier to get more events, ideas or feelings in your house by choosing a less space demanding form. Sculptures just take in more room.

Oh, by the way, I have changed the domain of my website into The old address will stay available for now and I still need to change all the addresses on all my social media…...