maandag 10 september 2012

Sculptures in mountains

Yes, took my sculptures in the mountains last weekend, right at the same time as a walking event passed by. Again in the Lake District, but this time I walked up Claife Heights and started making photos of my sculptures around Eccles tarn.
Noticing the amount of walkers with numbers on their chests, I set up my art along the walking path and got smiling faces and laughter in return! That's the thing with my artwork, people smile or laugh and that is the way people should look at it. The theme or background story might be a lot more serious, but initially people should enjoy looking at it without any intellectual thoughts! Had a great morning!

vrijdag 7 september 2012

Commissioned work

This week I have been thinking about new ideas to make bigger sculptures for a specific venue. I have been asked to come up with an idea for that venue, which is really exciting! 
The main problem so far was connecting the materials I want to use with the style/feel of the sculptures. I want to use bones & skulls, very familiar, and mountain bike parts. I prefer to have a bright coloured funny looking style for these, as always. I had some ideas, but were to me a bit straightforward. So I now started to think in images of other things, not necessarily artworks, that represent what I want. This is something that generally always helps. The brain is a clever thing; plant those images in your head and you will eventually get the idea just before you fall asleep or when you wake up!

Well, I am not there yet, but I feel like I am getting close to be disconnected enough from what I have made in the past to recreate and tick the right boxes for this project.

The last 20 images I added to my Pinterest 'inspiration' board gives an idea:

Looking to create something with interesting shapes, but clearly a figure or cartoon character. This sculpture of mine comes close to what I want:

zondag 2 september 2012

Christmas decorations

Yes, I am early with this, but missed the boat last year!

The small sculptures I use for street photos are the inspiration for making the first Christmas decorations. I started using neck vertebrae from sheep to make a Santa Claus and I liked the weird shape and the positioning of the hands and feet on that.

I also started on some fairy's, different ones, I haven't decided which one works the best. I will have a photo of a third version soon.

Then I started on Rudolph the red nose reindeer and both versions work for me very well! Especially this one:

I am not 100% sure, but quite confident that this neck vertebrae is from an actual deer and if so, most likely from a Fallow deer. I have got more deer bones and will use those to to create Rudolphs.

I have also created some Christmas postcards and the first sample should be here soon! It is definitely not the usual Christmas card, but you probably are not surprised.