dinsdag 26 april 2011


The second work which I describe as trail art:

A sculpture with a sheep skull as a base. I added the horns, eyes and painted the skull in the Dutch paintstyle 'Delfts blauw' (Delfts blue). A cermaics paintsyle. A wanted to create a contrast in feeling by using this paint style on an unusual surface and creating a contrast between the lovely flowers and the frosty feel of the silver elements.

I will make more sculptures like this. I am finishing one at the moment. Now for collecting more skulls....

vrijdag 22 april 2011

More finished work

I've been busy to finish a lot of the unfinished sculptures. More next week, for now:

- Robit 'white cracks' (rabbit/robot, cloned from master)

- Hom Rottey 'instinct' (Hot rod shopping trolley, cloned from master)

- Eyespresso 'no milk please' (Francis Francis espresso machine alive, cloned from master)

dinsdag 12 april 2011

donderdag 7 april 2011

Yorkshire assault vehicle

Finally finished! Took a lot of time and effort. This was an experiment for me in which I used all kinds of stuff to add onto one sculpture. Most of this stuff has to do with mountainbiking.

It wasn;t easy, because I had to get used to the different materials and during this sculpture I have learnt a lot.

The base is a sheep skull I found in Yorkshire and for a long time I had this idea of transforming it into an army vehicle. But I wanted this vehicle to feel like being a mixed part of three different films: Mad Max, Batman and The Transformers. Still I wanted to have a nice contrast with the skull or death. So the characters controlling the vehicle have bright colours. Suddenly giving it the feeling of a toy. Like playing with death.

The characters are based on the basic design of the logo on this blog. They are my version of a squid. This is good combination, because there is a lot of limestone where I found this skull and limestone contains a lot of fossils of sea organisms.

The wheels are moveable acting as independent suspension for display purposes.

These are quick pictures. I will have better pictures on my website later.

maandag 4 april 2011


I thought three of my creations would fit well on a T-shirt. So I am trying to get one. Needed T-shirts anyway and why not design them myself? I was thinking about: - Squid - Cungo - Hom Rottey Squid is the logo I am using now for this blog and my website and that weird thing I am finishing right now. I am goint to use this for more often and this year I want to make a lot of small, the size of an espresso cup, sculpts out of it. Curious about the print and T-shirt quality....

vrijdag 1 april 2011

Finishing a lot of things

I am busy finishing stuff. I am making casts for Hom Rottey and Robit. Next week I want to start painting them. Further, almost finished with the main thing I was busy with this winter. Very tempting to peel of the tape, but have to be patient not to rush the last bits. I also added a poem about Robit on its' page. http://www.imsobo.com/robit.html The poem is in rap style.