donderdag 7 april 2011

Yorkshire assault vehicle

Finally finished! Took a lot of time and effort. This was an experiment for me in which I used all kinds of stuff to add onto one sculpture. Most of this stuff has to do with mountainbiking.

It wasn;t easy, because I had to get used to the different materials and during this sculpture I have learnt a lot.

The base is a sheep skull I found in Yorkshire and for a long time I had this idea of transforming it into an army vehicle. But I wanted this vehicle to feel like being a mixed part of three different films: Mad Max, Batman and The Transformers. Still I wanted to have a nice contrast with the skull or death. So the characters controlling the vehicle have bright colours. Suddenly giving it the feeling of a toy. Like playing with death.

The characters are based on the basic design of the logo on this blog. They are my version of a squid. This is good combination, because there is a lot of limestone where I found this skull and limestone contains a lot of fossils of sea organisms.

The wheels are moveable acting as independent suspension for display purposes.

These are quick pictures. I will have better pictures on my website later.

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