zaterdag 21 september 2013

Christmas fairs

This week I received the first batch of Christmas cards and I will be showing them in Wilmslow next weekend! Hopefully they are better than the ones I had last year, which were last minute things and weren't linked enough with Christmas.

I am also making key rings and the first prototypes are finished. The definite versions will have proper rings attached:

maandag 9 september 2013

Christmas is coming

Huh? Yes, Christmas is coming, the sun has turned its back and the rain has returned. Still it is September, but if I want to have enough sculptures for Christmas I have to start now. But I am not so sure I want to make the same sculptures as last year, it would be a bit repetitive, so I decided to first do another attempt in making Christmas cards and this time finding a style that I like and would appeal to enough viewers to buy. Last year I had cards that weren't directly visible as being Christmas cards.

The above was the 'Ghost of Christmas Future' card with an Easter chick left for dead in the streets of Manchester.

A few weeks ago I was testing a new paint style for some new decorated skulls and ended up with this:

After making a skull with that, I decided to use the same style to create Christmas cards:

....... then I started thinking, but what if this fails too? So, I still need to get back and figure out what small sculptures to make for Christmas. Christmas themed or not, that is the question. 

Oh yeah, this is a sample of what I made for 2012: