zaterdag 24 december 2011


What will 2012 bring?
Well, There are a lot of things happening in Europe and they are giving shape to things that will determine the next 10 years. There are always big changes in these times of crisis. Maybe, if I find the right way to express it, I'll try to create something to show my thoughts about these problems and solutions. Don't think to heavy of it, I'll will always try to blend in a visually low barrier style.
The beginning of 2012 I want to focus on more time intensive sculptures and more visual experiments, besides making more pictures. I will have an exhibition in January in Kendal in the Dickie Doodle life music bar. I am also busy to get something in Liverpool, Lancaster, London and another one in Manchester.
If you know places where my style would fit, let me know! Victor [AT}
Sometimes the slightly weird places are the most interesting.

Thanks for following me in 2011 and have a great 2012!

maandag 12 december 2011

Back to the background

The last 8 months I have been focussing on developing my style in sculpture, paint style and the materials I use. Now it is time again, just in time before christmas, to mention my background message. This message isn't directly clear when looking at my sculptures. This will probably remain for most new work. This is probably my work that is the most straightforward to express what I want to say:

Hom Rottey: shopping trolley x Hot rod x mouth

So I decided to rewrite my 'about' page on my website to make it more clear why I make these specific creatures.

I will use my blog a bit more to add ideas to this theme.

vrijdag 9 december 2011

Eye lid

Just a small vertabrate sculpture, but one of the first where I added junk. Why? I use these small sculptures to make pictures in the street where nature takes over the city. So I thought it would make more sense to also mix those two in the sculpture.

I have got another one 'Eye on the prize', which I finished a few months ago. This one is called 'Eye lid'. The eyes were lids from drink bottles I found in alongside the country roads. The nose is the bottom part of one of these bottles.

donderdag 8 december 2011

Something very different: Euro crisis

Something that really irritates me is the acceptance of these credit rating agencies. They have been wrong for years. They gave banks and insurance agencies top ratings weeks before the went bankrupt. We know that the top players in the banking industry all know each other. It is very likely that these players dine with people from those credit rating agencies.

If you check the figures from different countries there is another strange thing going on. An important measure, which in 2001 used to be important for countries to be accepted in the Euro, is the percentage of total debt in one country against their GDP of one year. We all know the USA has a lot of debt. This is 15 trillion dollars, their GDP is almost equal. Bad. The EU, is a bit better and has 14 trillion debt with a higher GDP.

While the EU leaders struggle leading, American credit rating agencies are downgrading countries in Europe more than they have downgraded the USA. The USA has triple AAA status by 2 of the 3 main rating agencies. Iceland has an almost 'junk' status. Funny enough, Iceland has the same proportion of debt as the USA.
Even after these strange ratings and failures in the beginning of the crisis, the financial world still trust them and raise interest levels for countries that have been downgraded.

So, because in this financial world nothing is done without somebody being influenced by others having a particulair interest, what is there gain? Well, perhaps they are getting fancy cars from USA bankers who are giving loans to these countries? It gives them a 'legitimate' reason to raise the prices, interest, on their loans and earn money in the future when Germany has to bail those countries out. Is is an attempt explaining this. Big chance I am wrong, but there is something strange going on and I bet a lot of banks, ...uuhhhh CEO's, will eventually earn on this crisis.