vrijdag 29 oktober 2010

Hom Rottey

Almost finished a new sculpt. Only some sandpapering to do.

Dr. Victor Freakinstyle wanted to solve a big failure in modern human behavior. He wanted to do this by creating something which most people would concern a freak. He thought about mindless consuming and people's assumption that company's want the best for society. So the freak shouldn't have a brain. But should have a feature which will make it easier to shop and consume. Fusing a shoppingtrolley and a mouth was the most logical thing to do.

Freakinstyle, living in the Swiss Alps, doesn't have a problem with keeping fit. Every he challenges the mountains to get fresh food. During those trips it became clear that even the most lazy people were seen as cool and tough. Just because they were wearing the newest sporting clothes. Which were basicly cool because they were expensive. So the creature needed something cool added while for the rest it would be a lazy and ignorant. Which would make the lazy coolness a thing to laugh about.

So Freakinstyle went for the first time in his life to a supermarket. He didn't saw food. He saw plastic and cardboard stuff with text and pictures of food on it. Flabbergasted by this first impression, he went to a employee and asked if he could buy a trolley. The employee fought he was a freak. Well, actually he is, but sometimes a freak is neccesary to show the freaks there lazy freakyness. So, he nicked one and got home. No to pimp the trolley. A modern human would 'out source' this pimping 'activity' to a company whose 'core business' is pimping. But not the doctor. He did it himself.

Getting the mouth and having it in the right size was simple. Victor always has some spare human parts in his freezer*. He only had to grow it a bit to get it bigger to fit the trolley. A few years ago he managed to connect a computer to a pumpkin plant. With this device he now can inflate every living thing just by connecting it to the pumkin plant. The computer can regulate cell membrane tention while filling the cells with water.

With some welding, rope and special glue, he fused all the parts. The whole thing he now lifted in his old trusty electrifying bath, 2.000 volt on it and; It's alive!

*If you leave your body, after your death, to science, it will go to the Swiss Alps somewhere.

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