dinsdag 12 juni 2012

Frustrating things when learning

Yeah, it isn't all greatness. The thing is, I try to constantly experiment and within that experiment the visual aspect is always more important than the technique. So sometimes you have manoeuvred yourself in a position where you have to solve a problem in a way you have never done. Well, that's what I had yesterday. Spent hours and hours to prepare sculpt and when finished I decided I wasn't happy with it. That's the point where you have to drag yourself away and brake it up and start over instead of finishing it and regretting you left that part as it was.

This is just a small step of many to create sculptures that will have the Freakinstyle feel; funny, freaky and a bit wacky, and also will tell the background story behind it. I decided to tell that story mostly by the materials I use; human waste. Waste is a result of how we value things. The two types of waste I use are bones and plastic. They are very different forms of waste, the first we normally never see and the second we see very day. Further, the bones I collect are wasted at the beginning of the supply chain, the plastic is waste at the end of it.

So I am now making a sculpture that mixes these two a bit more than I have done in the past and it requires different techniques and different thinking about what would work visually. In this sculpture I basically use clay as an adhesive and not as a main source for creating the shape.

Hope it will work!

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