woensdag 2 december 2015

Transformer finished!

SO I finally finished my Transformer!

I have had this idea for a long time and a couple of years ago I failed, because I used joints which were too weak and were hard to connect to the bone, but now they all work brilliantly! The hardest parts were to fit in an proper looking transformer within the skull and to make it stand on its own. How often have I changed the design of the feet and head to balance it and fit it all in there and several times I adjusted the place where joints needed to be.

The thing is with artists and ideas is not that they think really hard and the get one great idea and make it, but they get hundreds of ideas and they select one that seems to make sense, sort of. Well, this idea made a lot of sense, because it expresses my appreciation for nature, my curiosity towards death, my fascination with things that appear different then they are, my clinging on to some childhood toys etc. So it is a lot about me, but at the same time about a growing trend in our society where people don't seem to grow up in a certain way. They might become more responsible and have fancy jobs, but feel no embarrassment to express their love for childhood objects or pleasure. Besides, it also serves as a great way to show the contrast between artificial and natural that we subconsciously experience everyday! Whether it is in our manufactured food or when some people enjoy the outdoors while eating a sandwich in their car.
But above all, I just really wanted to have something like this!

This is a first version of a stop motion video to show the transformation from skull into robot:

Oh yes, and it took a lot, a lot of time to make this….

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